The Transcendence is Deceitful in All Dreams

Mixed Media Installation & Virtual Reality Installation, 2018
Lenn Blaschke & Leon Galli

The work »THE TRANSCENDENCE IS DECEITFUL IN ALL DREAMS« is a virtual reality (VR) and mixed media installation. It examines the possibilities of the immersive medium of virtual reality to influence interpersonal encounters. Here the viewer is to be confronted in the virtual space both with social-psychological questions to the self-perception and foreign perception, as well as to the existence and the being in relation to virtuality be questioned. If you have the VR data glasses on, you encounter a crowd that is approaching a huge object on the horizon. People have different faces of the exhibition visitors. The surfaces of the virtual world are dark and smooth.

The mixed media installation or installative sculpture acts as a showcase and should be perceived in the context of the exhibition as a standalone art object. If you look through the peephole of the showcase, you will see a video loop on a screen. You can see a shot from the first person perspective of a character who is walking in an indefinite direction within a larger group. When a person looks inside, they are recognized by a face recognition software using a camera and scanned. This photo is placed on the faces of the characters on the y in virtual reality work as a texture.

3D-Visualisation: Robin Fröhlich
Coding: Lukas Rosenkranz
Sounddesign: Leon Seidl
Speaker: Luise Schubert, Eléna Weiss, Lucas Lentes, Elisa Ueberschär, Nils Matzka, Philip Heimke
Tailor: Kim Cordes
Support: Prof. Christin Lahr, Prof. Peggy Buth, Dr. Michael Ohme