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Gespräch: In VR we trust
Veranstaltet von sprechen Clemens Schöll und Daniel Hengst als Kuratoren der Ausstellung mit der Galeristin Nina Roehrs am 2022-03-09 über In VR we trust. Details TBA.





THIS IS FAKE is a Leipzig based media art collective founded in 2017 with a focus on artistically exploring virtual and augmented realities.

The collective’s members create works which digitally construct interpretations of reality and are presented as installations in physical space. The spectrum ranges from highly atmospheric, narrative forms to experimental arrangements - questioning how Virtual Reality as a medium changes the perception of one’s own body. Works by THIS IS FAKE were presented in different exhibition formats nationwide as well as internationally. A selection of exhibitions include »Abteilung Für Alles Andere« in Berlin (Fragen zur Selbstwahrnehmung, C. Schöll, 2017), MdbK Leipzig (The Transcendence Is Deceitful In All Dreams, L. Galli and L. Blaschke, 2018) and the Louvre Auditorium in Paris for »Rencontres Internationales - New cinema and contemporary art« (66mio views, F. Lehmann and Y. Harter, 2020).

In addition to exhibiting in a wide variety of contexts, the collective is interested in the transfer of knowledge in relation to technical approaches and theoretical discussion. Generating exchange about application, production and theoretical discussion concerning Virtual Reality as a medium was our main focus when we coordinated the autumn academy Kunst und Immersion - Sind andere Welten möglich¿ (2018) at the Academy of fine Art Leipzig. The artist residencies and curatorial programs organized by collective members were also centered around this exchange of discourse: Was siehst du, wenn du die Augen schließt? (L. Blaschke and L. Galli, 2020), Authentic Spaces (F. Lehmann and Y. Harter, 2020) and »In VR we trust« (C. Schöll and D. Hengst, 2021).



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