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Ausstellung: In VR we trust
Wir zeigen eine kuratierte Gruppenausstellung mit vier VR Arbeiten von Matias Brunacci, Robin Kötzle, Dani Ploeger und Elena Romenkova der “Alten Nudel” Zeitz (22.–25. April 2021) sowie im NRW Forum Düsseldorf (13.–16. Mai 2021).
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THIS IS FAKE is a media art collective founded in Leipzig in 2017 with a focus on art installations around virtual and extended reality.

Previous works of THIS IS FAKE move in the field of tension between digitally constructed approaches to reality and its installative presentation in real space. The first group exhibition in a former lignite mine in the south of Leipzig showed four site-specific virtual reality installations that questioned the connection between real space, the associated themes and its virtual extension, newly designed and thus extended. The spectrum shown ranged from strongly atmospheric, narrative narrative forms to an experimental arrangement with the question of how the medium changes the perception of one‘s own body.

In the following exhibition GOOD FRIENDS (Galerie Kunstpunkt, Berlin) curated by Stefan and Ulrike Riebel (Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin) and Keumhwa Kim (Keum Art Projects, Berlin) THIS IS FAKE installed an Open VR Lab during the exhibition. The exhibition space served as an open working space for visitors to the exhibition, artists from other media and theorists to enter into dialogue.

Further exhibition projects in the first quarter of 2018 in Leipzig, Gera and Nuremberg with the work The Transcendence Is Deceitful In All Dreams confronted the recipient‘s view of himself by shifting the questions of interpersonal relationships, personality, perception of others and self-perception.

TIF also participated in „Kurzsüchtig - Mitteldeutsches Kurzfilmfestival 2018“ with STEIGER in the category „local [vr] heroes - Showcase of current Central German projects“.

A periodic workshop and theory program for people interested in VR and CGI is in preparation in the form of a three-day academy with the friendly support of the support office of the HGB Leipzig and the Vitruvius School for (Game) Design.



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